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Lana Sharapova & Carmen Valentina


Carmens step daughter Lana is always getting in trouble so Carmen is on high alert 24/7. She catches Lana trying to sneak off to school in booty shorts and a see-through top and insists she change. Lana does, but swaps out see-through for a super-crop top, her under boob pouring out and leaves for school saying she doesnt have time for this. Within minutes, Carmen sees Lana outside on her husbands friends lap! Carmen has had it. She tells Jax her husband isnt home and demands that Lana get off of him. Lana reminds Carmen that she isnt her real mom or the boss of her. She pulls out Jaxs dick and coyly suggests Carmen try saying something about that. After vigorous sucks, Carmen slips off her blazer and tells Lana to step aside, shes got some dick-sucking pointers for her daughter. If shes going to do it, she better do it right: black men are so much better than those Lacrosse players Lana usually hangs around and shes going to need to step it up to be worthy of BBC!!!

Date: March 25, 2020