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Kenzie Reeves and Olivia Austin


The Arrows have been on a losing streak lately. Their Coach, Damien,is just not the leader he once was. Its showing up in his marriagenow too. His wife Olivia is not as satisfied as she used to be and hadstarted to get a wandering eye. Maybe it’s because they do everythingtogether and need some spice in their life. Or maybe its becauseshes realizing just how lame he is. Years of being the Head FootballCoach and Olivia as the Head Cheerleader Coach has made them quite thepower couple. Determined not to be embarrassed anymore by Damien,Olivia is going to give her limpy husband some coaching in whatvictory looks like. She invites the star players from the rival schoolover for some pre-game fun. Hopefully when shes done with him, hell be back to the man he once was: strong and in charge and the Nationals will be all theirs.

Date: August 3, 2019